5G ARES I-MILES/ILTE Integration

ILTE EXCON Controller

Instrumentable-Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (I-MILES) has been integrated to the first 5G Player Unit Radio fielded at Fort Hood as part of the STAAR 5G Testbed. The device is now part of the fielded Integrated Live Virtual Constructive Test Environment system (ILTE).

Athena-Tek has demonstrated the ability for ARES II, I-MILES, and ILTE to work in unison during a training scenario at Fort Hood for the STAAR initiative. ARES II translates the I-MILES laser codes and sends them over the air via Athena-Tek’s private network to ILTE. From ILTE, you are able to visualize the status reports of ARES II. 

Athena-Tek has been one of the main developers of the Integrated Live-Virtual-Constructive Test Environment (ILTE) EXCON for the PEO STRI PM CT2 organization.

The mission of the ILTE system is to provide a realistic and integrated environment to conduct Operational Tests to validate operational effectiveness, suitability, and survivability of Warfighter systems.

Athena-Tek has integrated the ILTE EXCON with cellular public and private networks, narrowband networks, real-time casualty assessment (RTCA), test data collectors, RF network planning tools, constructive simulation systems, and more.

Athena Tek @ I/ITSEC 2021 Booth #531

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