5G Private Network Design & Integration

5G Private Network

During the hardware and software development lifecycle, Athena-Tek focuses on end-to-end (E2E) testing to ensure systems meet the customer’s requirements. We test our systems by recreating use cases and validating the system and its components for integration and data integrity. Athena-Tek has deployed an open-source private network based on the 3GPP standards for 4G/5G NSA networks. We can utilize this network to build complete end-to-end mobile wireless networks.

Our development team leverages their experience with radiofrequency engineering, configuration, and networking on Linux systems, the configuration of SIM cards, 4G/5G RAN protocol stack, and 4G/5G core network architecture.

Athena-Tek is ready to fulfill the demands of both commercial and private industry as we are one step ahead of our competitors with a 5G end device, the 5G ARES II PUR.

The US Army and DoD have started showing interest in private network design to support warfighter training and operational testing. Private networks give the ability to control the quality of service for each user and prioritize resources.

The STARR team is deploying a private 5G Testbed at Fort Hood, Tx in support of warfighter training. Athena-Tek has created our own 4G/5G private network using open-source software and a Software Defined Radio (SDR). Athena-Tek leveraged this open-source private network for prototyping and testing for ARES I and ARES II.

Athena Tek @ I/ITSEC 2021 Booth #531

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