Network Operations

Our Networking Experience

With a full set of Radio Frequency (RF) tools, applications, and equipment, Athena-Tek has the ability to fully capture the spectrum coverage, propagation, and interference in a network, and provide real-time and post-analysis of the data for our customers.

This framework provides a rigorous review of the network operations, quickly identifying issues and inefficiencies. To further support the analysis, Athena-Tek conducts EMI testing of the systems involved to capture possible interference with the network and system-under-test (LUT).

For our commercial work, our networks are designed to be fully redundant with hot-swappable subsystems capable of operating 24/7/365 as required by our customers to meet their approval boards as well as the regulations set by the Federal Trade Commission (FCC).

The key to our success lies in diligent regulatory work; continuous network monitoring for spectrum interference; detailed network maintenance; and project management support.

Whether it is cellular fraud detection, oil exploration, or government custom networks, Athena-Tek manages complex critical network requirements into viable successful network solutions.

Athena Tek @ I/ITSEC 2021 Booth #531

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