Systems Engineering

Our Approach

When developing a network solution, multiple aspects must be considered to develop a solution that captures requirements and is designed to meet a detailed use case. When the System is being developed, there are many moving parts that need to fit into the overall solution. This concept is referred to as a “System of Systems”. The System may involve many subsystems that require detailed analysis before integration.

Athena-Tek utilizes a holistic  Systems Engineering approach when designing a network to ensure that we baseline the requirements for the use case, analyze every possibility for our network solution considering Restrictions/Risks, and recommend a Course of Action that is in line with the customer’s needs.

Athena-Tek has followed this methodology in past efforts including AR/VR uses cases for the Army 5G Tranche 1 project, Network Analysis of Army Homestations, Operational Tests at Fort Riley for Joint Assault Bridge, AH-64E at 29 Palms, JLTV at Fort Hood, Network Architecture utilizing Cell on Wheels for WSMR.