Our Company Focus

Athena-Tek has designed, built, and operated reliable telecommunication networks

Network Focused.

Our goal as a company is to design player unit radios for specific use cases in both the government and commercial sectors.

Solution Driven.

We provide expertise and solutions that demonstrate the many years of experience we have in wireless network operations.

Electronic Warfare.

5G wireless networks offer many advantages to the previous generations of cellular coverage.

Our Products

We utilize a testbed with standard features offered by the ARES radio to efficiently, design, develop, and manufacture a final product for our customers.

5G player unit radio, ARES II

We are looking to add tactical capabilities to future device designs to continue to support the Army and DoD. In parallel with our player unit development, we have begun investigating how we can bring EW capability into our future units.

5G Enhance Ground Combat Training with AR/VR and Weapon Testing

Athena-Tek has designed, built, and operated reliable telecommunication networks for a global cadre of customers in the government, energy, and banking sectors. Satellite, fiber, and wireless networks are at the core of the integrated solutions we offered our customers.

Battlefield Ready!